The Catholic University of America

TRS Graduate Student Lounge

The School of Theology and Religious Studies has designated Caldwell 125 as a graduate student lounge. This space is located below the Caldwell Chapel in the center of Caldwell Hall. All students are welcomed to make use of this space for studying, eating, and community. The purpose of the space is cooperative learning and fellowship.

There are several resources available to students in this space.

  • Small dorm room refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Kurig Coffee Maker (coffee grounds provided)
  • Water boiler (tea bags provided)
  • Tables and chairs for studying and eating
  • Three computers connected to the CUA network
  • Network printer for student use
  • Scanner for student use attached to one computer (How to use the scanner)
  • Couches and chairs (provided jointly by GSA)
  • STRSSA Reference Library

Because the Dissertation Room is located next to this space, during defenses and meetings it is greatly appreciated if the noise level is kept to a minimum. Thank you for your consideration of your fellow students.