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STRSSA Student Academic Service Award

In an effort to recognize and encourage academic excellence among the graduate students of the School of Theology and Religious Studies, the Executive Board and Representatives of STRSSA have created a Student Academic Service Award. This award is presented by the Executive Board and Representatives of STRSSA to a student who has demonstrated excellence in academic service, which is here understood firstly as the publishing of academic research in fields relevant to TRS in the form of a book or article in a  peer-reviewed journal, secondarily as the facilitation of academic discourse in conferences or the delivery of papers at conferences, and thirdly as the contribution of book reviews to academic journals. Activity that can be recognized for the award in any given year should take place between the first day after the last day of the preceding academic year (in other words, the first day of Summer break), and either have been completed or is scheduled to be completed before the last day of the current academic year.


In order to be considered for this award, a student member must be nominated by a member of the faculty of TRS. Nominations may be submitted between September 1 and March 1 of the academic year in which the award will be presented. Nominations should include a brief explanation of why the nominating faculty member feels the student to be worthy of recognition, including examples of contributions in the above mentioned areas.


Please note, officers of STRSSA, including area reps and executive officers are not elligable for this award for the year in which they serve in office



Once all nominations have been collected and assessed, the Executive Board and Representatives of STRSSA will vote to select the recipient of the award. The award, which will consist of a plaque and a $100 award, will be presented on May 1 of the academic year.


To submit nominations, please click HERE, and include the student's name, and a detailed explanation as to why the student deserves this nomination. 

Previous Winners


Dr. Joshua Brotherton