The Catholic University of America

 Previous Officers

 Academic Year 2015-2016

In this academic year, STRSSA made a strong effort to make sure that social events were amply provided for the graduate students of TRS. Beginning of the year and monthly coffee hours were provided, as well as an end of year part in December. 

The STRSSA Student Academic Service and Teaching Awards were established this year and first awarded. 

As well, STRSSA actively began to aid other schools in the University, purchasing privacy dividers for the Psychology graduate students to help them to perform work necessary for their degrees.

Executive Officers



James Starke

Vice President

Beau Rieger


Zachary Keith


Christina Condyles

Area Representatives


Biblical Studies

Fr. Jordan Schmidt


Chelsy Tracz  

Church History

Paul Brazinski

Historical & Systematic

Jacob Lehmann

Liturgical / Sacramental

Tyler Sampson  

Moral & Ethics

Matthew Dugandzic



Religion & Culture

Sahlih Sayilgan


Colin Davis 

Washington Theological Consortium

Fr. Shawn Strout